Thursday, May 28, 2009

"I Have to Make These Things Up You Know."

Well, I know I'm months and months if not years late in boarding the Grey Gardens fan-train, but now is better than never, right?  I saw the musical last night because my sister's friend is in a very small production of it in Boston at the Lyric Theater.  The story, the costumes, the comedy and the characters were absolutely captivating.  I had heard of the HBO movie that Drew Barrymore is in, but I didn't really know much about the story.  It is absolutely fascinating and I really recommend it.  After seeing the play I immediately watched the HBO version and fell in LOVE with it.  I'm usually not a huge Drew Barrymore fan, but she nailed that part.  She's absolutely beautiful throughout the whole thing.  
Anyways...I did a little research on the Beales and came up with a few cool photos from when Little Edie was young and threw in some others from the movie and documentary too.

This one is the actual documentary from the 70s's:

Drew from the HBO special when Little Edie is grown:

This is my favorite picture (the next few are from the HBO movie when Little Edie is young...the clothes are to diiiieeee forrrr):

These are just some Grey Gardens-inspired photos:

"This is the best thing to wear for the day. You understand. Because I don't like women in skirts, and the best thing is to wear pantyhose or some pants under a short skirt, I think. Then youhave the pants under the skirt, and then you pull the stockings up over the pants underneath the skirt. Andyou can always take the skirt off and use it as a cape, so I think this is the best costume for the day. I have to think these things up,you know? Mother wanted me to come out in a kimono, so we had quite a fight."

Sources: WhoWhatWear,,


  1. i'm gettin into 50's-70's fashion its so chic

  2. Fabulous photos and collage!
    I love your inspiration!
    Those vintage bathing suits and the little train case are amazing!


  3. I want to wear big floppy hats too.

  4. i STILL haven't seen the movie hoo!

  5. My family owns a house in the Hamptons and its right by their old house.


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