Monday, April 27, 2009

Dancing At Discos, Eating Cheese On Toast

Dress : YOU

Dress: Strawberry Kat

Hat: Panama Jack

Skirt: Chloe

Boots: Forever 21

To continue my rant about spring...I went shopping this weekend.  Harvard Square has so many stores to choose from, and most of them have some fantastic pieces hidden somewhere in them.  Stores like Urban and LF are just so packed with things that you really have to search for the good items.  But, I decided to dedicate my entire Friday afternoon to mindless sifting through junk, and found some cool stuff.

These aren't all the things I got, just some of my favs.  The first two dresses are both from LF, and are super short, but I'm just going to embrace the shortness.  What's a dress that doesn't show a little leg??  The first dress is my favorite, but both are really summery and comfortable- done and done.
My hat in the 3rd picture is literally a Panama Jack hat that I bought for $6 in a pharmacy in Palm Beach- who knew pharmacys sold hats at all?  Palm Beach truly is it's own breed of city.

I was cleaning my closet today so it'd be easier to move out of my dorm on moving day, and I came across the skirt in the 4th picture- how cute? I literally forgot I had it, but I absolutely love it.
The boots are from Forever 21, which usually I don't depend on too much for shoes, but I love these with a flowy sundress or some cut-offs.

Anyways, another beautiful day in Boston and the sunglasses and flip-flops have been kicked into high gear.  Loving life.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey, beautiful

Source: Marie Claire

IT IS BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE.  I've been outside all day.  I went shopping, I sat by the river, I went for a walk and I actually enjoyed walking to a class that I had a test in.  I got to wear my new Plenty dress and I got 3 new dresses from LF in the square.  Successful day on all accounts.

If you're on the east coast and you're inside....what are you doing? It's officially springgggggg!!!  Put on a short skirt and some cute flip flops and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's The Word?

"One of the Boys"
Marie Claire April

I really love the blazers in this spread- especially the white one.  I've been eying a white blazer from Elizabeth and James, but I can't decide if I should splurge on it or just find one in a cheaper store.  I'll update later- probably sans white blazer...

Source: Marie Claire

Funny The Way It Is

Just re-laced my chucks.  Bummer cause it's just in time for summer, which is the time of endless flip-flops, but I had to make use of these kick-ass neon laces.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Costume Jewelry

These are a few pieces of jewelry- not really costume jewelry I guess, but I like to call them that because they're my fun jewelry.  I wore my pear necklace today and it broke...which I think is a sign that I wear it too much?  Anyways....long necklaces and chunky bracelets are a staple in my wardrobe.

Both of these bracelets are Kenneth Jay Lane.  One's a giraffe and the other is an elephant...I have no idea why I love having animals in my jewelry, but over the years I've ended up collecting so many pieces that are just random objects.  I think they're the perfect thing to make a boring outfit more exciting.

The peacock is the newest, and I think right now it's my favorite.  I have more on my wishlist, but do you think at a certain point you can have too many animals on your jewelry box?  Kiiinda weird, but I like it.  It's like I have my own personal zoo.  Apparently when I was little I was obsessed with plastic animals, so I guess this is my way of satisfying that weird obsession as an adult.

Strawberry and Pear Chains:  Juicy
Audry Hepburn Clock Chain and Peacock Chain:
Zebra Chain: Forever 21
Giraffe and Elephant Bracelets: Kenneth Jay Lane

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Ballet for Thought...

Just remembered that shopbop did a lookbook titled, "On-Pointe" a while ago that reminded me of the FB spread:

designers: click on the images to enlarge.

Little White Dress

This was the cover for the March '09 issue of Fashion Boston- totally made me fall in love with the magazine.  I've always thought that ballerinas got to wear the best outfits (Tu-tus and slippers?? Does it get better?)  But this take on the "LWD" -little white dress, made for a perfect spread in this issue.  The hair, the dancer, the studio, the lighting. the pointe perfect.  They even used a real dancer from the Boston Ballet to model.

model: Luciana Voltolini (dancer)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Papers, Midterms, Finals

Follow my blog with bloglovin´No time for a real post, and I had no time to put together a cute outfit at all- modcloth scarf though.  

Sitting in the library and eating peanutbutter m&ms.......

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wasting Time...

In honor of this beautiful day...beautiful summer clothes from my wish list.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scarves Are Nice

Got this gem of a scarf in the mail yesterday from Forever 21. I think that scarves are the ultimate accessory.  I've been experimenting with different ways to wear a scarf and honestly the options are limitless.  The way you tie it can make or break your entire look.  I used to think if a it was too long or short that you couldn't wear it, but the longer you fool around with the way you drape it or tie it, the better your chances are of finding a kick-ass look.
So, next time you see a pattern you love on a scarf that looks crazy short or long...get it anyways.  Chances are, you'll figure it out.  More looks with scarves from around the web: