Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Costume Jewelry

These are a few pieces of jewelry- not really costume jewelry I guess, but I like to call them that because they're my fun jewelry.  I wore my pear necklace today and it broke...which I think is a sign that I wear it too much?  Anyways....long necklaces and chunky bracelets are a staple in my wardrobe.

Both of these bracelets are Kenneth Jay Lane.  One's a giraffe and the other is an elephant...I have no idea why I love having animals in my jewelry, but over the years I've ended up collecting so many pieces that are just random objects.  I think they're the perfect thing to make a boring outfit more exciting.

The peacock is the newest, and I think right now it's my favorite.  I have more on my wishlist, but do you think at a certain point you can have too many animals on your jewelry box?  Kiiinda weird, but I like it.  It's like I have my own personal zoo.  Apparently when I was little I was obsessed with plastic animals, so I guess this is my way of satisfying that weird obsession as an adult.

Strawberry and Pear Chains:  Juicy
Audry Hepburn Clock Chain and Peacock Chain:
Zebra Chain: Forever 21
Giraffe and Elephant Bracelets: Kenneth Jay Lane