Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Accessory Frenzy

So I bought these pairs recently.  I can't say which ones I like more, because I've been eyeing both for weeks and weeks.  AND I didn't buy either pair online...which is huge for me.  
These pictures aren't the greatest I know, but hey I never said I was a photographer.  
Sooo summary of the cutouts:
Unlike most wooden heels I've owned, these are actually surprisingly comfortable.  I have yet to wear them for a long period of time, and I'm guessing it won't be entirely pleasant.  Anyways.  They're not tight around the ankle, the heel isn't too thin, and I know I can get through at least 20 minutes pain-free.  Conclusion: beauty is pain-free.

Summary of the backless booties:
As I've said before, I have an obsession with booties in general, and these are a fabulous variation.  They're peep-toed and the strap in the back is elastic- another comfort-plus.   I've decided that these work all year round too, because they're black and suede for winter, but they're peep-toed and backless for summer...perf.

All in all, now instead of picturing a pudgy, orange, sunglasses-wearing judge on Project Runway when I hear the name "Michael Kors," I'll think of these 2 fabulous additions to my shoe family.

(p.s. click on thumbnail to see a larger version)

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