Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey, beautiful

Source: Marie Claire

IT IS BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE.  I've been outside all day.  I went shopping, I sat by the river, I went for a walk and I actually enjoyed walking to a class that I had a test in.  I got to wear my new Plenty dress and I got 3 new dresses from LF in the square.  Successful day on all accounts.

If you're on the east coast and you're inside....what are you doing? It's officially springgggggg!!!  Put on a short skirt and some cute flip flops and enjoy the beautiful weather.


  1. beautiful photos. Very light and airy with the beach background.

  2. Yeah I love the weather right now too! Unfortunately the weather forecast says that the weather will be bad the next few days:(

    I added you to my links too!;)

  3. The weather has been amazing this weekend - today I went to the beach! It's supposed to be 87 on Tuesday in Boston.

  4. love the look in the second pic :o]

  5. Great photos, I really want a hat like in the second photo