Friday, April 3, 2009

Celeb Style

Obviously I'm obsessed with celebrity lifestyle, but the best part is the fashion.  I think it's weird how celebrities can wear something so ridiculous and/or ugly (at the time) and turn it into the next "it" item.  The first time Katie Holmes wore the boyfriend jeans everyone thought she was crazy.  Anywaaaays- for my first entry I was trying to think of a celebrity who always wears what she wants to, and the first person to come to mind was Rachel Bilson.  She's kind of under the radar, but I almost always love what she does with her clothes and how she puts together pieces.  I don't really remember her style in the OC days (which was obviously when I fell in love with her), but ever since it ended (has she done anything noteworthy other than dating Hayden Christensen??)- she's been one of my favorite style icons. 

P.S. she did a line for DKNY called Edie Rose...check it out check it outtt:

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