Monday, April 27, 2009

Dancing At Discos, Eating Cheese On Toast

Dress : YOU

Dress: Strawberry Kat

Hat: Panama Jack

Skirt: Chloe

Boots: Forever 21

To continue my rant about spring...I went shopping this weekend.  Harvard Square has so many stores to choose from, and most of them have some fantastic pieces hidden somewhere in them.  Stores like Urban and LF are just so packed with things that you really have to search for the good items.  But, I decided to dedicate my entire Friday afternoon to mindless sifting through junk, and found some cool stuff.

These aren't all the things I got, just some of my favs.  The first two dresses are both from LF, and are super short, but I'm just going to embrace the shortness.  What's a dress that doesn't show a little leg??  The first dress is my favorite, but both are really summery and comfortable- done and done.
My hat in the 3rd picture is literally a Panama Jack hat that I bought for $6 in a pharmacy in Palm Beach- who knew pharmacys sold hats at all?  Palm Beach truly is it's own breed of city.

I was cleaning my closet today so it'd be easier to move out of my dorm on moving day, and I came across the skirt in the 4th picture- how cute? I literally forgot I had it, but I absolutely love it.
The boots are from Forever 21, which usually I don't depend on too much for shoes, but I love these with a flowy sundress or some cut-offs.

Anyways, another beautiful day in Boston and the sunglasses and flip-flops have been kicked into high gear.  Loving life.


  1. Looooove that Chloe skirt!


  2. that skirt is gorgeous!!
    and the booties... love 'em!!!

  3. That skirt is so cute and perfect for spring! I heard there was a new clothing store opening in Harvard Square called the warehouse or something... have you seen it/heard about it? I don't get out to Cambridge that much (although I should!).

  4. Love the Chloe skirt!

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Nice blog! I love seeing blogs from other Bostonians. Dress #1 is fantastic, and I completely agree- a little leg in the summertime is a good idea.

  6. love the boots & the second dress :o]

  7. I love love love the 2 dresses! Especially the first one, lovely


  8. i would DIE for that first dress! it's so lovely! xoxo

  9. Abaoslutelyin love with the first dress! The stripes really complement eachother well.